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Current Issue
Vol. 6 (2024)

About the Journal

The School of Medicine Students’ Journal (SMSJ), is an international, peer-reviewed, and open-access scientific journal. The SMSJ had been publishing quarterly until 2022 and then obeys the continuous article publishing (CAP) policy. In the SMSJ some talented, fully trained and expertised students, contribute under the supervision of university professors and editors. The SMSJ also invites students in different medical fields to make their seminars into review articles and submit them to SMSJ.

The scientific topics of interest for the journal include but are not limited to biomedical studies, basic medical sciences, clinical research (in the entire medical specialties and sub-specialties), public health, and medical education. The journal welcomes both quantitative and qualitative research papers. The SMSJ publishes the following types of papers:

  • Original article 
  • Case report
  • Editorial
  • Short communication  
  • Visual practice (Photo/Video)    
  • Narrative review
  • Systematic review
  • Study protocol
  • Hypothesis
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Journal Info

Journal Title: School of Medicine Students' Journal (SMSJ)

Journal Abbreviation: Sch Med Stud J

Chairman: Seyed Ali Ziai

Editor-in-Chief: Seyed Mahmoud Masiha Hashemi

Co-EiC & Executive Manager: AmirHossein Aghdaee

Publisher: Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences

Owner: Vice-Chancellor of Research, School of Medicine, SBMU


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We are seeking notable articles which meet excellence in research standards. All the researchers in the field of medical sciences, especially students in the field of medical sciences, are invited to submit manuscripts.

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All manuscripts submitted to the Journal are reviewed by the editor-in-chief, co-editor-in-chief and two peer-reviewers. Manuscripts that do not fulfill the needs for the Journal or would not be determined to meet its scientific standards are declined at this stage in the review process. Other manuscripts are sent out for expert peer-review and a publication decision would take place based on the result of that process. The preliminary decision is taken in about less than one month.