The Social Determinants of Health is a scientific peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary journal affiliated to the Social Determinants of Health Research Center and in cooperation of Iranian Community Medicine Association (ICMA). It's  mission is to disseminate information, viewpoints, and questions about social determinants of health (SDH) research and education. The journal scheduled to appear quarterly up to 2019 , then since 2020 as continuous issue  and serve as a means for scientific information exchange in the international SDH forum. The extended scope of the journal is intended to include not only social determinants of health, but also other affiliated fields and disciplines that contribute to the current knowledge and science of community medicine, social medicine, public health, health economics, health education, health policy, health management and epidemiology. This is an open access journal financially supported by SDH research center, with no submission fee or processing charges.


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Structure of the journal:


The editor-in-chief is responsible for oversight on the scientific boards and executive team of the journal including performance of the editorial board. Editor-in-chief is appointed by the SDH Journals Board.

Main Duties

  • Assigning submitted manuscripts to editors/reviewers.
  • Monitoring performance of the board and teams (Editorial Board, Editors)
  • Handling critics, disputes, and ethical issues
  • Promoting identification of new content, including special issues, forums, and individual articles
  • Advising on policies and strategies of the SDH journal


  • Substantial experience in reviewing and editing manuscripts, at least for 7 years,
  • Strong research background with at least 20 publications in international peer-reviewed journals
  • Skillful in writing, editing, critical assessment, negotiation
  • Holding MD and or PhD in the relevant field with at least 7 years of work experience in the relevant area
  • Proven competence and experience in team building and management


Editorial Board

Editorial Board are accountable for the quality of the SDH journal and its contents. They are expected to manage reviewing the submitted manuscripts and final decision on the reviewed submission by the reviewers. Editorial board members are recruited through a strict and rigorous vetting process and careful review of their qualifications, research experience and publishing records.

Main Duties

  • Meeting regularly and discussing the latest subjects related to the Social Determinants of Health
  • Providing expert advice on the content and topics, special issues, and forums
  • Attracting new authors and submissions
  • Writing editorials and other short articles occasionally
  • Finding peer-reviewers or assigning submissions to the identified reviewers and contributing to review submissions
  • Providing second opinion on the manuscripts (if conflict exists between reviewers)
  • Monitoring the peer-review process to ensure timeliness, thoroughness, and civility
  • Advising on knowledge translation and opportunities for enrichment of contents


  • Demonstrated competence in research and strong publication records (at least 20 publications)
  • Established expertise and credit in the research specialty (or specialties) to which they are assigned
  • Substantial experience in reviewing manuscripts
  • Outstanding background in conducting and reporting of research (at least 7 years)

Interested experts to join editorial and reviewer group of the SDH Journal are encouraged to send their letter of interest and CV to for reviewing their request.