Criteria for publication of prepared manuscript:

Manuscript submitted for publication must be original, previously unpublished and not accepted for publication (in press) in any format and/or language partially or totally, other than as short abstracts of the proceedings of symposiums or congresses, and no part of the manuscript must be under consideration for publication elsewhere in any languages until final decision is made by the IPA.


Instruction for Manuscript Preparation
Our journal publishes several categories of articles, in brief included:
• Original Research article
• Review article
• Brief Communication and Method report
• Case report
• Different types of Clinical Research article such as Clinical Trial (Randomized controlled trial and Non-randomized trial), Observational cohort study, Case control study and Cross sectional study
• Systematic Review and Meta Analysis
• Letter to Editor
• Editorial
• Commentaries
• Supplementary Issues:

Each article category is detailed in Section Policies


Generally the manuscript should be prepared as 9 standalone separate files as detailed in separately sections.
-) Cover letter
-) Title page
-) Abstract
-) Manuscript text
-) References
-) Acknowledgements/ Conflict of Interest /Sources of support and fundings declaration
-) Tables and Table Titles
-) Figures and Figure Legends


Journal has requested all authors to inform any kind of conflict of interest to the journal at the time of manuscript submission (authors guideline). Reviewers are also asked to inform the journal of any kind of conflicts of interest at the time of request for reviewing a manuscript from the International Pharmacy Acta.


Permissions and Ethics
This journal is follower of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and ICMJE principles.
Permissions of reproduction of another source: The manuscript must not infringe any personal and proprietary rights of others. Information or items such as figures, tables, or parts of text reproduced from another source must be properly cited. The copyright-holder’s permission for previously published or copyrighted items , and provider’s permission for items which is uncopyrighted or unpublished must have been obtained prior to submission and signed permission statements from the copyright holder or provider must be sent to the IPA Editorial Office upon manuscript submission. The corresponding author is responsible for obtaining these written permission.
Ethic principles in Humans and Animals Experience: Human experiences must be performed in conformity with ethical principles involved in WMA Declaration of Helsinki - Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects
( or with similar principles in affiliated organization, and they must get the approval of the institutional ethics review board or Research Ethics committee of their affiliated organization before the begining the study.
Animal experiences must follow WMA Statement on Animal Use in Biomedical Research (