Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can find all the required information on the website. However, frequently asked questions are listed and answered in this section. If you can not find the answer to your question on the website and FAQ page, please contact us. 

How can I become a member?

You may go to the “register” tab and fill the form, then click "register" at the end of the page to complete your registration. A welcome email will be sent to you immediately.


I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

Please go to the login page and click on “forgot your password?” link. A page will open, you should enter the email with which you have registered on the site and press "Reset password" , an email will be sent to you. Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.


How do I submit my manuscript?

You need to be a member to be able to submit a manuscript. After making sure that you have prepared your manuscript according to the guidelines of the journal, please log on to the website using your username and password. In your user home page, click on “new submission” on the right side of the screen.


I have logged in but there is no “new submission” link in my user home, what should I do?

Click on your ID at the top right corner of the page then select “view profile”. In your profile, go to the "roles" tab and check the box next to your author role and click save. You can then go to submissions via the column on the left, and click on "new submission".


I have been asked to revise my manuscript, how much time do I have?

Authors are asked to submit their revised manuscripts within 2 weeks of receiving the request.


Where should I submit my revised manuscript?

You should log in with your username and password, in your submission page you will find a table containing information of your active submission(s). For uploading your revised version (author version) click on the status of your manuscript on the last column of the table. You may browse and upload your revised manuscript in the space provided for this purpose at the bottom of the page.


I have uploaded my revised manuscript but the status of my submission has not changed. What should I do?

The status of your submission will not change after submitting the revised version. However, if you have uploaded the revised manuscript properly (please make sure you click upload after browsing the file), it will be sent to the reviewers. If there is a need for further revision, you will be notified by email.


How can I become a reviewer for this journal?

Please tick the box next to your reviewer role upon registration. If you are already registered and logged in, click on your ID at the top right corner of the page then select “view profile”. In your profile, go to the "roles" tab and check the box next to your reviewer role and save.


I have been asked to peer-review an article, what should I do?

The link to the article is provided in your invitation email, all you have to do is click on the link, accept the invitation to review and follow the steps provided on the page and here. If you cannot find the email, you may log in and go to your user home and click on the article title to accept the invitation and carry on with the review process.


Does the journal accept advertisements?

Online advertising will be accepted. For further information please contact us.