For providing researchers with Open Access and freely available contents publishing an article in AAEM requires payment of an APC that will be billed to the corresponding author following acceptance for publication. These fees are used to cover the costs of providing and maintaining a publication infrastructure, managing the journal, and processing the manuscripts through peer-review and the editorial procedure. No submission charges, page charges, or color charges exist apart from the APC. The fees are demonstrated in the table below:

Manuscript Type          
Iranian authors              
Other Countries           
Research Article
50,000,000 Rials
950 British Pounds
Review Article
75,000,000 Rials
1000 British Pounds
Brief Report
50,000,000 Rials
850 British Pounds
Case Report
30,000,000 Rials
600 British Pounds
Photo Quiz
30,000,000 Rials
600 British Pounds
Other types
25,000,000 Rials
500 British Pounds


Fast track evaluation:
Authors who should meet a deadline and wish to have their manuscript published more rapidly may ask for fast track evaluation. In this model, an editorial decision will be made within a maximum of 2 weeks. The cost of fast track evaluation is 25,000,000 Rials (250 British Pounds), which should be paid upon submission and before the initiation of the peer review process. This fee should only be paid by those who opt to ask for fast track evaluation and is independent of the publication fee received upon publication. It should also be noted that paying this fee only accelerates the peer review process and does not guarantee acceptance of the manuscript for publication. Those who wish to ask for fast track evaluation should send their requests directly to our journal manager Ms. Somayeh SaghaeiDehkordi via the email upon submission of their manuscript.

AAEM offers a waiver of APC to authors based in countries classified as Low-income or Lower-middle-income economies by the World Bank. In addition, if a valuable article is submitted and accepted, the journal will not avoid publishing it for not paying the APC. Therefore, authors who are not able to pay the charge, are encouraged to contact the journal by sending an Email to to explain their situation and ask for a waiver and the journal will evaluate the request.