After receiving a review request Email and going to the submission URL provided in it, 6 easy review steps should be followed:

1. Accepting the review invitation by clicking on "will do the review" and sending or skipping the Email, which will open automatically. 

2. Reading this reviewer guideline.

3. Downloading the manuscript and its supplementary file(s) by clicking on file names (e.g. 9923-36449-1-RV.DOC).

4. Filling the review form by clicking on its icon and saving it. Please note that the review form is only activated once you accept the review request and send or skip its automatic Email. You may make changes to the form at any time before completing the steps (submitting the review to the editor).

5. This is an optional step for reviewers who wish to upload one or more files in addition to the review form.

6. Selecting the final recommendation from the drop down menu and submit it to the editor by clicking on “submit review to editor” button and sending the email that appears automatically to notify the section editor that you have completed the review. Please note that the drop down menu will be activated only when you complete and save the review form.