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The Effect of Photodynamic Therapy in the Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis: A Review of Literature

Mansour Meimandi, Mohammad Reza Talebi Ardakani, Azade Esmaeilnejad, Parisa Yousefnejad, Khosro Saebi, Mohammad Hossein Tayeed



Introduction: Chronic periodontitis is the most common periodontal disease which is related to the chronic accumulation of bacterial plaque. Since mechanical methods are not sufficient in the treatment of this disease, administration of local/systemic antibiotic is recommended following mechanical debridement. However, side effects of antibiotics such as microbial resistance and patient allergy led to development of alternative methods. One of these suggested methods is the antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (aPDT). PDT is a local noninvasive treatment modality without the side effects caused by antibiotics. The aim of this study was to review the articles related to the application of PDT with laser in the treatment of chronic periodontitis.

Review of literature: In the present review of literature, the authors used key words such as Chronic Periodontitis, Laser and Photodynamic therapy, and conducted a literature search via Google Scholar and PubMed for the period of 1990 to 2015. A total of 47 articles in English were found. The articles that were not associated with the topic of research and review articles were deleted and only clinical trials were evaluated. After reviewing 23 articles’ abstracts, the full texts of 16 articles were analyzed.

Conclusion: Considering the safety, the lack of side effects and general advantages like more patient compliance, the PDT treatment with SRP is recommended as an efficient adjunctive modality for the treatment of localized chronic periodontitis especially during the maintenance phase in non-surgical treatment.


Chronic periodontitis; Laser; Photodynamic therapy


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/jlms.v8i3.11559