Submissions deemed suitable by the editors will be refereed by two reviewers within a maximum of six weeks, based on research reporting guidelines specified for each type of article (introduced in the manuscript preparation section). Reviewers' comments are then sent to the authors so that they can address them. All authors are asked to send their revised manuscripts or respond to the comments within two weeks. Then the editor-in-chief will decide if the article needs to undergo further peer review (by the same reviewer or another reviewer, who can be a member of the editorial board) or if it can be accepted for publication.

Reviewers' and authors' identities are kept confidential. The existence of a submitted manuscript is not revealed to anyone other than the reviewers and editorial staff. In case a member of the editorial board or staff submits a manuscript to the journal, it is dealt with in the same manner mentioned and the editor who submitted the manuscript does not have a say in the peer review process or the final decision made.

To ensure the integrity of the blind peer review for submission, every effort will be made to prevent the identities of the authors and reviewers from being known to each other (Double-blind peer review).

The overview of the journal manuscript decision process includes:

1- Submission by the author. 

2- Editorial decision on whether the paper should be sent reviewing process.

3- Peer review at least 2 anonymous reviewers

     * The double-blinded review between 3-6 weeks
     * Also, the authors can introduce three potential reviewers in the field of their research.

4- Decisions after review

5- Revision request to the author

6- Final decision by Editor in Chief