Research Article-Nursing

Evaluation of compliance between the results of Pap smear test and pathological specimens sent to the pathology department of Shaheed Sadoughi hospital in Yazd city in 2011-2014

Khadijeh Arab Badkobeh, Robab Sheikhpour, Mansour Moghimi

Advances in Nursing & Midwifery, Vol. 26 No. 95 (2017), 3 Dey 2017, Page 8-15

Background and Aim:
Pap smear test is the most effective and appropriate screening method for cervical cancer
prevention. This technique, due to early detection power in early stage of invasive cancers, causes
decreased mortality of cervical cancer. The purpose of this study was to assess the compliance
between the results of Pap smear test with biopsy specimens sent to the pathology department of the
Shaheed Sadoughi hospital.
Materials and Methods:
In this cross sectional study, 145 cytology and pathology specimens that was sent to the pathology
department of the Shaheed Sadoughi hospital were selected. Agreement between the result of
cytology test and pathology was analyzed with statistical software SPSS and kappa agreement test.
P<0.01 was considered statistically significant.
The result of cytology and pathology showed that there is a little agreement between cytology and
pathology results (P<0.01, K: 0.26).
According to the results, low levels of agreement was observed between the result of pop smear test
and pathology results. Therefore to promote quality of cytological reports, the improvement of
performance of midwives, cytologist and resident are recommended.
Key words:
Uterine cancer; Pap-smear; Biopsy

Challenges of Nurses Professional Socialization and Solutions

narjes Mousavizadeh, Tahereh Ashktorab, fatemeh Shabani

Advances in Nursing & Midwifery, Vol. 26 No. 95 (2017), 3 Dey 2017, Page 16-24

Background and Aim:
Professional socialization is the process of gaining and internalizing knowledge, skills, values,
attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of a specific profession. Through the process gradually, a sense of
belonging, and unique professional identity will develop. The aim of this study was to review the
barriers, conditions and facilitators of nurses' professional socialization.
Materials and Methods:
This is a review article. Electronic journals and databases such as CINAHL, Embase, Medline,
Scopus, ScienceDirect, MDConsult, OVID, Google Scholar was searched to find studies have been
investigated the various aspects of "professional socialization of nurses.
The results showed that the work environment and corporate culture, the gaps between theory and
practice in nursing and community's attitude toward nursing profession are effective factors in
nurses' professional socialization. Promote personal and professional capabilities, reform of
resources and organizational structure and training structure, are the strategies for improving nurse's
Among the factors involved in nurses' socialization, formal education system and teachers can have
the greatest impact positively or negatively on the professional growth and development of nurses.
Therefore, planning to facilitate and promote the professional socialization of nurses, with emphasis
on improving the education system and bridging the gap between theory and practice should be
Socialization; Nurse; Review

The effect of 8 weeks taichi chouan training and walking on cardiovascular disease biomarkers in old women’s

Niloufar Biglari, Sajad Arshadi, Mohamadreza Sadeghian

Advances in Nursing & Midwifery, Vol. 26 No. 95 (2017), 3 Dey 2017, Page 25-32

Background and aim:
With regard to cardiovascular problems for older people due to lack of movement, The aim of the
present study was redirected to an 8-week Tai Chi exercise on cardiovascular disease risk factors,
including cholesterol (C), triglycerides (TG), high density lipoprotein (HDL-C), low density
lipoprotein (LDL-C) and blood pressure in women elderly.
Materials and methods:
30 subjects were selected living in a nursing home in Tehran in two groups randomly: Tai Chi and
walking. On the first day and last day blood samples were taken from subjects to measure variables,
and were compared between the two groups.
Intragroup and intergroup results showed that both groups can have positive effects on lipid profile
but changes in the tai chi group had significantly.
Tai Chi had a significant reduction in LDL-C and significant increase in HDL-C, but the Tai Chi
group had no significant effect in the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.
Cardiovascular Diseases; Hyperlipidemia; Tai Chi

Aim and Background:
Birth of a kid lead to disturbance of the mothers emotions and such as emotions, pleasure and even
fears, and also could result the consequence which is postpartum depression. The aim of present
study is meta- analysis of were researches about the effectiveness of psychological interventions on
postpartum depression in Iran, considering to the Moderating role of Therapeutic intervention.
Methods and Materials:
In order to this, 14 researches with intended criteria to this study were selected and the metaanalysis
accomplished. The meta- analysis check list was used as the tool. Calculation were done by
use of 1- Hunter & Schmidt 2- Hedges & Olkin and 3- Rosenthal.
Findings and Conclusions:
Findings showed that effect size of the intervention on postpartum depression was 0/562. According
to the conclusions, the rate of effect size of those interventions which were based on efforts and
motives was more than that of interventions which theirs subjects were not motivated enough.
According to the finding of the research some practical recommendations to the reduction of
postpartum depression were suggested. The important point was the grater effectiveness of
psychotherapy in comparison with prenatal education of mothers.
Depression, Postpartum; Psychological Techniques; Meta-Analysis

Comparative investigation of atopic dermatitis with inflammatory skin rashes in traditional Iranian medicine references

Shirin Abbasi, SeyedMohammad Shams, Mohammad Kamalinejad

Advances in Nursing & Midwifery, Vol. 26 No. 95 (2017), 3 Dey 2017, Page 44-58

Background and Aim:
Atopic Dermatitis (AD) or innate eczema is the most common chronic relapsing inflammatory skin
diseases in infantile and childhood, which is rarely continued into adulthood. Family or personal
history of atopy (e.g. asthma, allergic rhinitis or food sensitivity) is very common in children
suffered from AD.
Materials and Methods:
Although the role of inflammatory processes in AD is well recognized, the exact pathogenesis of it
is not fully understood. Therefore, comparison between AD and diseases described in traditional
Iranian medicine (TIM) as a holistic medicine may open new horizons to the deeper comprehension
and therapeutic approaches. In this study, we try to draw an analogy between AD and inflammatory
skin rashes described in traditional Iranian medicine references. The lack of information of lesion's
location, being chronic or recurrent and family or personal history of allergy in traditional Iranian
medicine references led us to solely use the clinical manifestation. Hence, according to the major
symptoms of AD, inflammatory rashes, pruritus, and xerosis are defined as the clinical
manifestation of AD in this study. At the first step, we compare the symptoms and causes of
inflammation skin rashes in traditional medicine and clinical manifestation with pathogenesis of AD
in modern medicine. In the second step, we extract the similarities and differences between AD and
inflammatory skin rashes described in TIM.
The results reveal that, Namleh and Javarsiyeh have the most common symptoms to AD, among all
diseases described in traditional Iranian medicine.
Key words:
Dermatitis, Atopic; Inflammation; Medicine, Traditional