Nowruz is the first day of the Iranian solar year, equal to the 1st of Farvardin, the celebration of the beginning of the Iranian New Year, and one of the oldest celebrations left from the time of ancient Iran. Nowruz originated in ancient Iran and people from different parts of the Iranian plateau still celebrate Nowruz. Nowruz is the beginning of spring, which today is called spring equinox.

Nowruz, as an old and ancient celebration, has been inherited from many ethnic groups in the region and has acquired an Iranian identity card with a special color and stigma, and it is mentioned as a symbol that connects Iranian individuals and ethnic groups and the Iranian nation. Iranians consider Nowruz to be the beginning of the resurrection of nature, sometimes the growth and birth of gardens and orchards, and they believe that in Nowruz, along with nature, they should start a new era with a new spirit and attitude, in a new veil.