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The Effect of Interfascial Injection on Obturator Nerve Block Compared with Nerve Stimulating Approach by Ultrasound-Guide: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Yong Beom Kim, Hee Yeon Park, Kyung Mi Kim, Hyeon Ju Shin, Su Bin Kim, Mi Geum Lee



Purpose: This study was conducted to evaluate whether the ultrasound-guided interfascial injection technique is really compatible with the ultrasound-guided nerve stimulating technique for obturator nerve block (ONB) at the inguinal crease after bifurcation of the obturator nerve.

Materials and Methods: A total 62 ONBs were performed for transurethral resection of bladder tumors under spinal anesthesia, and divided into two groups, that is, to an ultrasound-guided ONB with nerve stimulation control group (the US-NS group) or an ultrasound-guided interfascial injection experimental group (the US-IFI group). In the US-IFI group, complete ONB was confirmed using a nerve stimulator at 5 min after completing the injection, and if residual twitching remained, another local anesthetic was injected; in such cases blocks were considered to have ‘failed’. During TURB surgeries, two urology assistants determined obturator reflex grade (I-IV) at 15 min after injection completion in both groups.

Results: We assumed that the US-NS group achieved complete ONB in all cases. Six cases in the US-IFI group failed to achieve complete ONB (failure rate: 0% versus 19.4%, P = .012). There was one case of grade II obturator reflex in each group.

Conclusion: The ultrasound-guided interfascial injection technique was not compatible with the ultrasound-guided nerve stimulating technique for ONB at the inguinal crease.


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22037/uj.v0i0.4386


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