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Excision of Epulis Granulomatosa with Diode Laser in 8 Years Old Boy

Sara Ghadimi, Nasim Chiniforush, Mahsa Najafi, Sepideh Amiri




Results and conclusion: Lasers are useful for soft tissue surgery in modern dentistry, especially in relation to pediatric patients due to the rapid and regular wound healing without sutures.

Introduction: Epulis granulomatosa is a lesion which grows from an extraction socket. It can be misdiagnosed with lesions of the same clinical appearance such as: foreign body or pyogenic granuloma, or as a herniation of the maxillary sinus. The most common treatment is surgical excision.

 Case report: The present article reports an Epulis granulomatosa which was removed with diode laser (810 nm) due to child’s fear related to traditional surgical instruments and bleeding.


diode laser; oral lesions; Epulis granulomatosa; children


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