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Psychometric Properties of the Persian Version of Death Attitude Profile

Abbas Ali Haratiyan, Saeed Salari, Mahmud Isfahaniyan, Hadi Dehqani N., Fatemeh Sadat Shamsi Nejad




Introduction: The type of human attitude toward death, as an unavoidable event, can affect the human approach to the themes of the worldly life and the afterlife. This study aimed to identify the factor structure of Persian version of Death Attitude Profile. Methods: In this descriptive survey research, 444 students of Jamia al-Zahra Seminary and Khomein Azad University, were selected by convenient sampling method. They responded to Persian version of the Death Attitude Profile. Results: Analysis of the findings indicated the Persian version of this profile, while deleting some items, supports the same 5-factor structure of the original form. Cronbach's alpha coefficient was 0.79 in the research sample. Conclusion: The obtained psychometric properties indicated the validity and reliability of this scale in Iranian society. Therefore, It can be used to measure the attitudinal properties of individuals to death. Declaration of Interest: None.


Death Attitude Profile, factor structure, Validity, Reliability


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/ijabs.v6i1.25750


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