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Vol 3, No 2 (2008)


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Table of Contents

Original Article

Prevalence of Referred Pain with Pulpal Origin in the Head, Face and Neck Region PDF XML
Siamak Mardani, Mohammad Jafar Eghbal, Maryam Baharvand 8-10
Comparison of Canal Preparation Pattern of K3 and ProTaper Rotary Files in Curved Resin Blocks PDF Untitled () Untitled () XML
Nahid Mohammadzade Akhlaghi, Zohreh Khalilak, Ladan Baradaran Mohajeri, Mahshid Sheikholeslami, Saeed Saedi 11-16
Cytotoxic effect of a new endodontic cement and mineral trioxide aggregate on L929 line culture PDF XML
Jamileh Ghoddusi, Jalil Tavakkol Afshari, Zakiyeh Donyavi, Azam Brook, Reza Disfani, Mohammad Esmaeelzadeh 17-23
A Comparative Study on Rotary Mtwo Versus Passive Step Back of Hand K-File in Preparation of Extracted Curved Root Canals PDF XML
Safi Laaya, Leila Khojastehpour, Abdol Hosein Layeghnejad, Abdol Hosein Layeghnejad 24-28
A Comparison of Mtwo Rotary File with K-File on Negotiation of Second Mesiobuccal Canal in Maxillary First Molar: A Clinical Study PDF XML
Kiamars Honardar, Nahal Vesal, Faeze Hamze, Kiumars Nazarimoghadam, Hossein Labaf, Laila Shakeri 29-32
Antimicrobial Activity of Three Root Canal Irrigants on Enterococcus Faecalis: An in Vitro Study PDF XML
Zohreh Ahangari, Mohammad samiee, Gita Eslami, Mohammad Amin Yolmeh 33-37

Case Report

Non-Surgical Root Canal Treatment of Dens Invaginatus 3 in a Maxillary Lateral Incisor PDF XML
Saeed Moradi, Zakyeh Donyavi, Mohammad Esmaealzade 38-41

Review Article

An update on the antibiotic-based root canal irrigation solutions PDF XML
Zahed Mohammadi 1-7


A New Approach to Root Formation PDF XML
Mehdi Vatanpour, Mina Zarei, Maryam Javidi, Shiva Shirazian 42-43