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Vol 14, No 2 (2019)

Spring 2019

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Table of Contents

Clinical Trial

Effect of Topical Application of Dentol Drop on the Success of Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block for Teeth with Irreversible Pulpitis: A Double-blind Randomized Clinical Trial PDF XML
Roohollah Sharifi, Mostafa Godiny, Hamid Reza Mozaffari, Mohsen Safaei, Reza Hatam, Mahta Veisi 96-103
Effects of Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen on Pulpal Anaesthesia Immediately after Pulpectomy of Primary Maxillary Molars PDF XML
Zahra Bahrololoomi, Narjes Amrollahi 104-109

Original Article

The Effects of Short Term Intracanal Medicaments on the Fracture Resistance of Root in Pulp Revitalization Procedure PDF XML
José Cordeiro Lima Neto, Monnice Helena Alves de Souza Barbosa, André Ulisses Dantas Batista, Mario Alexandre Coelho Sinhoreti, Thiago Farias Rocha Lima 110-114
Efficacy of Controlled Memory and Shape Memory Nickel Titanium Instruments in Removing Filling Material from Severely Curved Root Canals: An Ex Vivo Study PDF XML
Cesar Andre Zevallos-Quiroz, Ivan E Perez, Carmen Rosa Garcia-Rupaya 115-121
Effect of a New Imidazolium-based Silver Nanoparticle Irrigant on the Bond Strength of Epoxy Resin Sealer to Root Canal Dentine PDF XML
Alireza Adl, Abbas Abbaszadegan, Ahmad Gholami, Fateme Parvizi, Yasamin Ghahramani 122-125
Evaluation of Selective Physicochemical and Biological Properties of Different Root Canal Sealers PDF XML
Alvaro Henrique Borges, Orlando Aguirre Guedes, Thiago Machado Pereira, Rodirgo Guapo-Pavarina, Wellington Luiz de Oliveira da Rosa, Evandro Piva 126-132
Surface Changes Of WaveOne™ and Reciproc® Instruments after Using Three Times for Preparation of Simulated Curved Canals with and without Glide Path PDF XML
André Luiz Barbosa Machado, André Guimarães Machado, Carlos Eduardo Silveira Bueno 133-138
Difference between the Actual and Labeled Concentrations of Several Domestic Brands of Sodium Hypochlorite PDF XML
Eshagh Ali Saberi, Narges Farhad-Mollashahi, Mersad Saberi 139-143
Evaluation of Root Perforation Treatments with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate: A Retrospective Case Series Study PDF XML
Pedro Henrique Alves de Melo, André Guimarães Machado, André Luiz Barbosa Machado, Flávio Narciso Carvalho, João Bastista de Melo, Luis Felipe Jochims Schneider 144-151

Case Report

Identification of a Dental Anomaly in a Tiriyo Indigenous Park Patient by Computed Tomography: A Case Report PDF XML
Patrícia de Almeida Rodrigues, Camila Ribeiro Ribeiro, Bianca Rodrigues de Freitas, Thamires Campos Gomes, Ellen Gaby Neves Rocha, Fabrício Mesquita Tuji 152-155
Endodontic and Surgical Management of Iatrogenic Root Injury Caused by Orthodontic Miniscrew Placement: A Case Report PDF XML
Eshagh Ali Saberi, Narges Farhad-Mollashahi, Seyed Rohollah Havaei 156-159
Odontogenic Keratocyst: A Case Report Emphasizing on Root Canal Treatment after Surgical Intervention PDF XML
Alessandra Manchini Cardoso Tarallo, Felipe de Souza Matos, Valdirene Ferreira de Souza, Luiz Renato Paranhos, Álex Moreira Herval, Marcia Carneiro Valera, Cláudio Antonio Talge Carvalho 160-165
Resolved Tooth Discolouration Following Root Fracture Employing a Conservative Approach: A Case Report PDF XML
Nasir Kheirabadi, Masoud Parirokh, Rahim Fereidooni, Hamed Manochehrifard 166-170