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Temperature increase during post space preparation using different systems: An in vitro study

Kiumars Nazari Moghadam, Shahriar Shahab, Soghra Shirvani, Ali Kazemi




INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this study was to evaluate external root surface temperature rise during post space preparation using LA Axxess bur, Beefill pack System, and Peeso Reamer drill.

MATERIALS & METHODS: The distal canals of forty-five extracted human permanent mandibular first molars were instrumented in crown-apical manner and obturated with lateral condensation technique. Teeth were then randomly divided into three groups according to post space preparation technique including: group 1. LA Axxess bur (Sybronendo Co., CA, USA), group 2 Beefill pack System (VD W Co., Munich, Germany) and group 3 Peeso Reamer drill (Mani Co., Tochigi-ken, Japan). Temperature was measured by means of digital thermometer MT-405 (Comercio Co., Sao Paulo, Brazil) which was installed on the root surfaces. Data was collected and submitted to one-way ANOVA and Post hoc analysis.

RESULTS: Root surface temperatures were found to be significantly higher (7.3±2.7 vs. 4.3±2.1 and 4±2.4,) in samples of Beefill pack System compared with the two other groups (P<0.02).

CONCLUSION: Using Beefill pack System during post space preparation may be potentially hazardous for periodontal tissues.


Periodontal ligament, Post technique, Root canal therapy, Root canal preparation Tooth fracture

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/iej.v6i3.2249


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