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Discoloration Potential of Endodontic Sealers: A Brief Review

Sohrab Tour Savadkouhi, Mahta Fazlyab




Tooth discoloration induced by endodontic sealers, is a common finding that impairs aesthetic outcome of endodontic treatment. The aim of the present mini literature review, was to summarize the existing data on discoloration potential of different endodontic sealers. The research covered the article published in PubMed and Google Scholar from 2000 to 2015. The searched keywords included ‘tooth discoloration AND endodontic’, ‘tooth discoloration AND sealer, ‘tooth discoloration AND zinc-oxide eugenol sealer’, ‘tooth discoloration AND Calcium Hydroxide Sealer’, ‘tooth discoloration AND Glass Ionomer Sealer’, ‘tooth discoloration AND epoxy-resin Sealer’, ‘tooth discoloration AND Silicon Based Sealer’, ‘tooth discoloration AND Bioceramic Sealer’ and ‘Spectrophotometry’. Conclusion: A total number of 44 articles were gained which reduced to 11 after excluding the repetitive items. The available evidence for discoloration potential of endodontic sealers currently available on the market is scarce. However, it can be concluded that all endodontic sealers can potentially stain the tooth structure to different degrees.

Keywords: Root Canal Treatment; Root Canal Sealer; Spectrophotometry; Tooth Discoloration


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