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Iranian Endodontic Journal

The Iranian Endodontic Journal (IEJ) is an international peer-reviewed biomedical publication, the aim of which is to provide a scientific medium of communication for researchers throughout the globe. IEJ aims to publish the highest quality articles, both clinical and scientific, on all aspects of Endodontics. The journal is an official Journal of the Iranian Center for Endodontic Research (ICER) and the Iranian Association of Endodontists (IAE). The Journal welcomes articles related to the scientific or applied aspects of endodontics e.g. original researches, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, review articles, clinical trials, case series/reports, hypotheses, letters to the editor, etc.

From the beginning (i.e. since 2006), the IEJ was the first open access endodontic journal in the world, which gave readers free and instant access to published articles and enabling them faster discovery of the latest endodontic research.

Based on Scopus CiteScore 2017, Iranian Endodontic Journal is ranked 16th out of 114 journals in the Dentistry (general Dentistry), making the IEJ, one of the important publications for dental practitioners and endodontists.

Vol 14, No 2 (2019): Spring 2019

José Cordeiro Lima Neto , Monnice Helena Alves de Souza Barbosa , André Ulisses Dantas Batista , Mario Alexandre Coelho Sinhoreti , Thiago Farias Rocha Lima
(Pages: 110-114) PDF
Cesar Andre Zevallos-Quiroz , Ivan E Perez , Carmen Rosa Garcia-Rupaya
(Pages: 115-121) PDF
Alireza Adl , Abbas Abbaszadegan , Ahmad Gholami , Fateme Parvizi , Yasamin Ghahramani
(Pages: 122-125) PDF
Alvaro Henrique Borges , Orlando Aguirre Guedes , Thiago Machado Pereira , Rodirgo Guapo-Pavarina , Wellington Luiz de Oliveira da Rosa , Evandro Piva
(Pages: 126-132) PDF
André Luiz Barbosa Machado , André Guimarães Machado , Carlos Eduardo Silveira Bueno
(Pages: 133-138) PDF
Eshagh Ali Saberi , Narges Farhad-Mollashahi , Mersad Saberi
(Pages: 139-143)
Pedro Henrique Alves de Melo , André Guimarães Machado , André Luiz Barbosa Machado , Flávio Narciso Carvalho , João Bastista de Melo , Luis Felipe Jochims Schneider
(Pages: 144-151) PDF
Patrícia de Almeida Rodrigues , Camila Ribeiro Ribeiro , Bianca Rodrigues de Freitas , Thamires Campos Gomes , Ellen Gaby Neves Rocha , Fabrício Mesquita Tuji
(Pages: 152-155) PDF
Eshagh Ali Saberi , Narges Farhad-Mollashahi , Seyed Rohollah Havaei
(Pages: 156-159) PDF
Alessandra Manchini Cardoso Tarallo , Felipe de Souza Matos , Valdirene Ferreira de Souza , Luiz Renato Paranhos , Álex Moreira Herval , Marcia Carneiro Valera , Cláudio Antonio Talge Carvalho
(Pages: 160-165) PDF
Nasir Kheirabadi , Masoud Parirokh , Rahim Fereidooni , Hamed Manochehrifard
(Pages: 166-170) PDF

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Posted: 2019-03-05

Notice of Change to Online Publication Scheme

To play our part in saving trees, starting April 2019, Iranian Endodontic Journal (IEJ) will cease its printed-paper edition and shall confine itself exclusively to online publication scheme.
Posted: 2018-10-28

New Requirement for Submission

As a new requirement for submission the manuscript in IEJ: Clinical trials that began enrollment from January 1, 2019 must include a data sharing plan in the trial’s registration.

Posted: 2018-10-28

Scopus Source

Based on Scopus Source details, Iranian Endodontic Journal has a CiteScore 2017 of 1.93, and amongst 114 Journals in category of ‘General Dentistry’ stands in rank #16.
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