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The Diagnostic Value of Anthropometric Characteristics of Ilium for Sex Estimation Using Pelvic Radiographs

Masoumeh Varzandeh, Mitra Akhlaghi, Maryam Vasheghani Farahani, Farinaz Mousavi, Somayeh Karimi Jashni, Vahid Yousefinejad




Background: Sex estimation is an essential part of forensic identification. This study was conducted on the Iranian people to determine pelvic bones anthropometric characteristics.
Methods: Radiography of 180 pelvic bones (90 males and 90 females) was studied. We measured the height of ilium, inter-acetabular distance, acetabular diameter, the greatest breadth of the pelvis, breadth of pelvic inlet, and the presence of the beaklike bony extension in both sexes.
Results: We found a significant difference between men and women regarding their mean height of ilium, acetabular diameter, inter-acetabular distance, breadth of the pelvic inlet in all studied X-rays. The highest accuracy for sex estimation was related to the height of ilium (77%). The prevalence of the beaklike bony extension was 43% in the studied population, 70% in males and 18% in females.
Conclusion: When human skeletal remains containing pelvic bones are available, standard radiographic images along with other findings can be helpful in predicting the sex.




Anthropometric characteristics, Ilium, Sex estimation, Acetabular diameter


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