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General Dental Practitioners’ Concept towards Using Radiography and Apex-Locators in Endodontics

Maryam Raoof, Maryam Heidaripour, Arash Shahravan, Jahangir Haghani, Arash Afkham, Mahsa Razifar, Sakineh Mohammadalizadeh




Introduction:Despite being the gold standard as well as a routine technique in endodontics, radiographic working length (WL) determination owns many drawbacks. Electronic apex-locators (EALs) are recommended to complement radiographies. The aim of this study was to evaluate the perceptions of Iranian general dental practitioners (GDPs) towards using radiography and EAL. Methods and Materials: Three hundred and ninety one GDPs attending the 53th Iranian Dental Association Congress completed a questionnaire focusing on the use of radiography and EALs during the various stages of root canal treatment. The data was analyzed with the chi-square test with the level of significance set at 0.05. The results were then calculated as frequencies and percentages. Results: More than half of the GDPs reported using radiographs as the sole method for WL determination. A total of 30.4% of the practitioners were using the combined approach during root canal therapy of a single-rooted tooth, while 38.9% used this method in multi-rooted teeth. Approximately half of the respondents would not order follow-up radiographies after root canal treatment. Conclusion: Radiography continues to be the most common method for WL determination in Iran.


Apex Locator; Dental Radiography; Dentist; Root Canal Therapy; Working Length

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/iej.v9i4.5852


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