Post Pancreatitis/Cholecystectomy Gluten Intolerance

Ivan Tang, George MacFaul, Ravi Madhotra, Kamran Rostami



This case report describes the journey of a patient who suffered from life-limiting gastrointestinal symptoms after an acute bout of pancreatitis following ERCP for cholelithiasis bile following a ductal stone, and subsequent cholecystectomy. She was diagnosed and treated for IBS with medication without significant improvement.  On implementation of a simple gluten and lactose exclusion diet she recovered to her premorbid state, and trials of gluten challenge triggered flares of symptoms. This case report will go on to discuss current evidence for use of gluten and lactose exclusion diets in some gluten sensitive patients misdiagnosed with IBS.

Keywords: Gluten sensitivity, Non-coeliac, Post-pancreatitis, Post-cholecystectomy gluten intolerance.

(Please cite as: Tang I, MacFaul G, Madhotra R, Rostami K. Post pancreatitis/cholecystectomy gluten intolerance. Gastroenterol Hepatol Bed Bench 2018;11(3):273-275).

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