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Intussusception of the rectum in children: a rare case report

Pantea Tajik, Amir Hossein Goudarzian




A 28-month-old boy with hematochezia for 10 hours was admitted into our hospital. Colonoscopy was performed for the patient in
which a mass-like lesion was seen with marron color. The mass suspected intussusception; thus, colonoscopy was interrupted and
patient was sent to operation room. After 1 month the patient was good with no abdominal pain or defecation difficulty.
Keywords: Children, Rectum, Intussusception, Case report.
(Please cite as: Tajik P, Goudarzian AH. Intussusception of the rectum in children: a rare case report. Gastroenterol
Hepatol Bed Bench 2018;11(2):169-171).


Children; Rectum; Intussusception; Case report


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/ghfbb.v0i0.1255