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Gastric Perforation and Phlegmon Formation by Foreign Body Ingestion

Albert Alejandro Avila Alvarez, Jose Fernando Parra, Diego Andres Buitrago, Fernando Rodriguez, Atilio Moreno



This is a case report of foreign body ingestion in a suicide attempt resulting in gastric perforation and phlegmon formation during a subsequent 6 month period that eventually required surgical intervention. The patient had a prolonged course because she did not report a history of foreign body ingestion and the initial evaluating physicians had no suspicion about possible foreign body ingestion and may have missed important findings on physical examination. Gastric perforation by a foreign object  may have a slow course rather than presenting acute abdomen. The realization of a proper physical examination in the emergency department is key to an accurate diagnosis.


Stomach; cellulitis; phlegmon; foreign body


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/emergency.v2i3.6388


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