Surgical complications of Pica syndrome: About 3 cases

Coulibaly Yacaria, Doumbia Aliou Aliou, Amadou Issa, Keita Mamby, Coulibaly Oumar, Kamaté Benoi, Djiré Mamadou Kassim, Coulibaly Youssouf, Camara Sadio, Diallo G



The Pica syndrome is an eating disorder characterized by an excessive or abnormal desire to consume a non-nourishing substance which can be relatively harmless, or potentially harmful for the health. It is a rare affection secondary to the accumulation of diverse natured foreign bodies inside the digestive tract and more especially at the stomach level. Gastro-intestinal localization is the most frequent, and can remain asymptomatic for a long time. Treatment is surgical. We report 3 cases of digestive complications of Pica syndrome.


Pica syndrome, Digestive, Complication, Child

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