Cervicotomy and Sternotomy for Resectin of Cervicothoracic Neuroblastoma in Children

Amine Ksia, Nahla Hmidi, Chokri Kortas, Imen Chabchoub, Sana Mosbahi, Mongi Mekki, Lassaad Sahnoun, Kais Maazoun, Abdellatif Nouri



Introduction: We report the case of a 4 years old girl who present
a cervico-thoracic ganglioneuroblastome with none response to
chemotherapy and radiotherapy
Case presentation: The girl was operated using the Cormier
Dartevelle-Grünenwald incision which helped to remove the tumor
completely with optimal control of noble elements. The follow up
was uneventful.
Conclusion: The Cormier Dartevelle-Grünenwald incision can be a
good option in case of big cervico-thoracic malignant tumors.


children; neuroblastoma; cervicothoracic tumor; Cormier Dartevelle-Grünenwald incision

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/irjps.v3i1.14062


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