Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder:Mismanagement, Misdiagnosis, Chronic Cough Following Sexual Abuse: A Rare Case Report




How to Cite This Article: Bidaki R, Zarepur E, Akrami M, Nadi Sakhvidi M. Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder: Mismanagement, Misdiagnosis, Chronic Cough Following Sexual Abuse; A Rare Case Report. Iran J Child Neurol. Spring 2016; 10(2):90-92.



Conversion disorder (CD) is a mental disorder in which patient displays neurological symptoms such as blindness, mutism, paralysis and seizure. It starts when our mind converts our mental stress into a physical symptom. A 15-year-old single white female with chronic cough, which had begun 5 months ago, was brought to our clinic. She had no history of hospitalization. His daily cough was without sputum production or fever, rhinorrhea and stopped during sleep. There was no recent exposure to tobacco smoke or a person with a chronic productive cough. Laboratory tests were normal. She had engaged 4 months ago.

Doing sex during engagement is prohibited in her culture but and had anal sex, because of her spouse’s trend. Psychotherapy was done and complete recovery was accomplished.



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Chronic cough; Conversion disorder; Sexual abuse; Diagnostic Errors

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