The Evaluation of Social Spectrum of Health in Statements of Imam Ali(a.s.) in Nahjolbalagheh

  • Mohammad Ali Heidarnia Department of Community Medicine, Shahid Beheshti Universiti of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.


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Background and Objectives: In the postmodern medicine for health promotion in both levels of society and individual, it is recommended to benefit from all cultural provisions if harmless. This perspective opens new windows in the fields of health, including religion and health or literature and health. Our country, Iran, enjoys a powerful Iranian- Islamic culture that provides an ample opportunity for health promotion in the level of society and individual, especially in lifestyle enhancement. This study is conducted to evaluate the social spectrum of health in Epigram (statements) of Imam Ali(a.s.) in Nahjolbalagheh.

Materials and Methods: It is a comparative study of content analysis. All  statements of Imam Ali(a.s.) in Nahjolbalagheh with respect to Social Spectrum of Health have been used as study data.

Results: Out of 480 statements of Imam Ali(a.s.) in Nahjolbalagheh, near 150 are in the field of social spectrum of health, and 68 subjects are extracted in this field.

Conclusion: Statements of Imam Ali(a.s.) in Nahjolbalagheh are valid sources that can be used to determine and define certain indicators in social spectrum of health, and be benefited from in Iranian-Islamic lifestyle, especially due to two reasons;  the eminent personality of  Imam Ali(a.s.) and his so respected character as a great companion of prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) in the religious beliefs of all muslims especially Muslim  people  living in Iran.

Keywords: Statements of Imam Ali(a.s.), Nahjolbalagheh, Social Spectrum of Health

For downloading the full-text of this article please click here.


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