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Located on the North shore of the River Huong by royal of about 500m, to this guests will enjoy the feast at that time reproduced in an authentic way. Entering the restaurant, the diners who apply Vietnam visa online, will feel as lost in the frame of the magnificent ancient with the atmosphere amiable that dignified simplicity which radio the. with the garden more than 400 cotton wrong, there are many apricot trees over 100 years in Hue, especially with the trees all died over 100 years was lost and was found about to be with home be more respected newspapers in the country deeply concerned.

In the green space of hundreds of plants with rockery water, gurgling into birdsong lúi and fresh breeze, guests will enjoy dishes by the only staff of the restaurant - artisan hand only golden in Hue processing along with the food presentation ornate that beautiful eyes with a name as unique as as well as Phung Hoang, huong Moc Posted on nem Public Dragon papaya ... Besides, the restaurant also has some specialties other: Rice Shower, Nem Rolls Hue on the temple civet, leaf Cake vegetarian fan-shaped, Rice Hue – scad wrap the pancake and fresh spring rolls with shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes, Figs, sweet and sour rosettes, dragon Boat loading fruit, Rice Provides. With campus can accommodate about 300 seats, where this is appropriate for the festival concert, party, weddings, activities. Restaurant fully meet the traditional dishes of Hue (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) as well as Japanese dishes, Asian, European and all the dishes on diet. Here you will have moments of sublimation of the same food while being immersed in the music by the dance, Hue royal music .Hue or Hue royal court music. Special guests are also to attend a feast (rice king) with unique style, before guests enter the party, will wear the costume and hat and crowns of king, lords, mandarins of the Nguyen dynasty. Food also follow the same as that of a feast in the imperial palace, have the artist group art show: ca tru, harp, flute... brings a feeling of fun and delight. In addition, tourists can also satisfy passion research, food culture through programs that teach cooking of the restaurant owners. If you have the opportunity to Hue come to with the style royal cuisine today is being re-presented in the restaurant menu, Tinh, Member of the artisans, to find the image of the meal in landscape gardens of the mansion of old. Restaurants will bring you moments of sublimation of the same cuisine that you can't forget.

Source: Du Lich