The SMSJ is looking for Editorial Board Members. As we continue to grow, it is just as important that we can process an increase in submissions without losing the high-quality standards that our writers expect. As such, we are seeking to expand our editorial board in clinical and basic-science fields.

Volunteers should provide their documents (including curriculum vitae, academic page links, and profile photo) to the journal office ( The editor-in-chief office will assess the membership eligibility. The volunteers will be registered in the editorial team for one year based on the agreement between the volunteer editor and the journal office.

The responsibility of the volunteer editor in the agreement is listed below:

  • Peer review of submitted manuscripts.
  • Promoting SMSJ in social media and academic events.
  • Participating in SMSJ activities.
  • Submitting at least two articles in the journal by him/herself or the person using him/her fast-track code
  • Introducing reviewers
  • Summarizing the reviews and returning the peer-review result to the authors