Translational Medicine Student Research in Translational Medicine journal SRTM SMSJ School of medicine students' journal smsjournal biomedical studies basic medical sciences clinical research public health medical education Original article Narrative review Systematic Reviews and Meta Analysis Short communication Visual practice Photo Video Study protocol Hypothesis Case report Editorial

The School of Medicine Students’ Journal (SMSJ), is an international, peer-reviewed, and open-access scientific journal, published quarterly. In the SMSJ some talented, fully trained and expertised students, contribute under the supervision of university professors and editors. The SMSJ also invites students in different medical fields to make their seminars into review articles and submit them to SMSJ.

The scientific topics of interest for the journal include but are not limited to biomedical studies, basic medical sciences, clinical research (in the entire medical specialties and sub-specialties), public health, and medical education. The journal welcomes both quantitative and qualitative research papers. The SMSJ publishes the following types of papers:

  • Original article 
  • Case report
  • Editorial
  • Short communication  
  • Visual practice (Photo/Video)    
  • Narrative review
  • Systematic review
  • Study protocol
  • Hypothesis