The outbreak of the novel SARS-COV-2 and its following complications has caused an almost unprecedented chaos throughout the world in recent years. Although a series of vaccines have been proposed recently in order to reduce the risk of mortality and morbidity of this disease, an ultimate and reliable cure has yet to be discovered. One of the major complications of Covid-19 is the outburst of a series of inflammatory responses in the respiratory system of the patients, which eventually causes a hypoxemic pneumonitis and accounts for most of the Covid-19 patients’ mortality. It is suggested that a group of inflammatory cytokines such as different interleukins are responsible for this complication, therefore drugs which can influence this system may be useful in reducing this exaggerated inflammatory response which is dubbed the ‘cytokine storm’. In this article we review potential treatment options for reducing the inflammatory response and discuss some clinical trials and case reports related to the drugs interfering with responsible interleukins in order to quench the cytokine storm.


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