The School of Medicine Students’ Journal (SMSJ), is an international, peer-reviewed, and open access scientific journal; it is published by the Vice Chancellor of Research at School of Medicine in Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. The SMSJ is published quarterly which include original articles, case reports, editorials, short communications, clinical photos, narrative, and systematic reviews, which meet required standards in advanced science. We also invite every students in different medical fields to make their seminars into review articles and submit it to SMSJ.

The scientific topics of interest for the journal include, but are not limited to: biomedical studies, basic medical sciences, clinical researches (in the entire medical specialties and sub-specialties), public health, and medical education. The journal welcomes both quantitative and qualitative research papers.

The PKP Preservation Network (PN) provides preservation services for School of Medicine Students' Journal (SMSJ).

SMSJ has been accepted to archive content in the  LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) network to ensure a secure and permanent archive for journal content. It also signed a contract with the CLOCKSS (Controlled Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) system. Although, The author(s) can choose to deposit by the SWORD plugin available in the author profile. The specified URL indicates a service document, and the author may choose which specific deposit point to use from that document.