Dear Professor

As Guest Editor of Applied Food Biotechnology, I would be pleased to invite you to submit your research findings in the Polyhydroxyalkanoate Special issue. The journal is indexed by:

Aims & Scope

This special issue of Applied Food Biotechnology publishes frontier research articles and reviews on all the latest advances on Polyhydroxyalkanoates. Please visit the journal’s Web site at for the aims and scope, instructions to Authors, published issues, editorial board, etc.


Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Biosynthesis of PHA based on by-products from food industry
  • Recovery of PHA
  • Processing of PHA
  • Application of PHA
  • Smart food packaging based on PHA and its composites and blends
  • Aspects of sustainability, engineering, microbiology, genetic engineering



Beginning of paper submission: April 2017

Deadline for paper submission: June 2018

Period of peer-review process: August 2018

Revised manuscript due: October 2018

Publication: January 2019


Submission guidelines:

Authors are invited to submit an original manuscript, short communication or review paper for publication in a “Applied Food Biotechnology” thematic issue dedicated to polyhydroxyalkanoates, closely related to the food, feed, and agro-industrial sector. Papers must be submitted electronically via Guest Editor Email:


Sincerely yours,

Dr. Martin Koller