• Figures and line art should be provided only as TIFF, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG,  EPS , PSD or Post Script preferably from PhotoShop or Illustrator software. The best formats are TIFF and JPEG.

•Electronically submitted figures should be of high resolution:

  • Color, 300 d.p.i. minimum; we prefer RGB for optimal rendering online, and, if possible, recommend that authors use sRGB IEC61966-2.1 when preparing files
  • Grayscale, 600 d.p.i. minimum for blots and black & white photographs
  • Line art, 1200 d.p.i. minimum for graphs and illustrations

•Histograms should be presented in a simple, two-dimensional format, with no background grid.

•Any lettering in the figures should be large enough to stand photographic reduction and use 9-pt to 12-pt Helvetica or Arial font for them.

• Mask any patient identification in photographs; otherwise, a signed permission statement is required for identifiable patients (please see Permissions section).

• Figures should be on a white background. Do not use overall backgroundshading in figures. Do not use gray-shaded bars in graphs—use bars with solid, open, or hatched fill.

• Please start embedding figures on new page of Microsoft Word manuscript document and call out all figures in the text. Number all figures sequentially with Arabic numerals in the order cited in the text e.g. Figure 1.

Figures with multiple parts should be labeled and referred to as (a), (b), (c), etc.  Authors should prepare their figures for either one column width (80mm) or the entire page width (16mm). The maximum height is 10mm.

IPA reserves the right to resize and/or crop figures to fit the journal's format where appropriate. Authors will see a proof of figures.

  • Specific clinical study designs flow diagram should be embedded as Figure 1.

Figure Legends

  • Figure 1.5 spaced legends should be started on new page of manuscript document. Figure legends should include the figure number, a brief title for the whole figure in bold 12 pt Times New Roman font and a brief description of the figure in not bold 12 pt Times New Roman font. Figures with multiple parts should be labeled and referred to as (a), (b), (c), etc. For example:
  • Figure 2.Histological featuresThe normal histological features of NS or simvastatin 4mg/kg + cisplatin isolated kidneys. (a) magnification: 100 x.  (b) magnification: 250 x.
  • Obtain written permission to reproduce previously published figures. Credits for the reproduced work are included in the figure legend. Signed permission forms must be sent to the IPA Editorial Office upon submission.