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Cover letter


 Editor-in-chief, IPA

 [Insert data here —Day Month Year]

Re: submission of Manuscript to International Pharmacy Acta for publication

Dear Editor,

 I/We would like my/our submitted manuscript entitled "[insert title of your manuscript here]" to be considered for publication in your journal [insert journal name here] as a [insert article type here for example, original research article, systematic review, meta-analysis, clinical trial].

I/We hereby confirm that I/we have studied IPA Author Guidelines and Ewe confirm that the submission follows all IPA terms and conditions for manuscript, and Ewe authors of the above mentioned manuscript accept all of IPA regulations in this regards.

 [Briefly explain the content presented in this manuscript in your own word including the significance of your work and novelties presented in your work.] Please state any potential conflict of interest such as 1) funding and financial connections and support, including any resources that any of this manuscript co-authors might have received directly and indirectly for this job or publication, and 2) any personal relationship, rivalries, academic competition and 3) any intellectual properties. In case of the lack of any kind of conflicts of interests for any of co-authors mentioned in this manuscript, please state `nil' or `none declared.'

 We give the rights to [insert corresponding author's name] who on behalf of all co-authors will communicate with IPA from this point onward and will make necessary changes as per the IPA requests. So please address all correspondence to: [Insert contact address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address of corresponding author]

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