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Each article type follows a specific difference in Abstract format.

  • Structured AbstractsIt should be generally structured into the subsections. Details for different article types are specified below. The title of each subsection should be written in bold, not italic, 12 pt Times New Roman font on a separate line at the beginning of that line. If a required subsection does not apply, please write "not applicable"
  • Unstructured AbstractsReview articles contains an unstructured abstract.

Fundings: Funding sources should be listed separately after the Abstract to facilitate proper display and indexing for search retrieval by MEDLINE.

Keywords: 3 to 10 key words or phrases that author believes are representative of main content of the article. It is recommended to select these words from the medical subject headings list of nlm.nih.gov/mesh (MeSH terms) but they can be of the authors' own choice.