Application of Zeolite, a biomaterial agent, in Dental science

Fatemeh Safari, Behzad Houshmand, Azadeh Esmaeil Nejad



Introduction: Zeolite is an aluminosilicate biomaterial which has been used widely in medicine, tissue engineering, drug delivery systems, wound dressing, as an antibacterial agent and also it has been taken into consideration in dental sciences. So the aim of this study is reviewing the application of this amazing substance in dental sciences.

Materials and Methods: In recent years there are many investigations on application of Zeolite. This review has been done on the application of this agent in dentistry. According to investigations from 1980, zeolites applications in dentistry were classified to the application in tissue engineering, root canal therapy, prosthodontics, periodontics and implant, restorative dentistry and oral medicine.

Results: zeolite is a porous, biocompatible and antibacterial agent and according to its suitable properties it has been used as tissue engineering scaffold, wound dressing and so on. Zeolite is an antibacterial agent that can be used in root canal disinfection and in soft liner dentures. It can inhibit pathogens of dental caries and periodontal disease. According to biocompatibility of Zeolite, it also can be used as implant coating to improve osteointegration. It has also been used to detect squamous cell carcinoma.

Conclusion: It seems that Zeolite can be considered as an amazing substance in dental sciences.


Zeolite; Tissue engineering; Wound dressing; Dentistry

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