Controlling gag reflex whit low power laser acupuncture on point P6: A case report

Javad Sarabadani, Ali Labafchi, Nasim Chiniforush



Introduction: Gag reflex is common during dental procedure such as, taking radiography, oral examination and alginate impression. This reflex has negative impact on the quality of any dental procedure. Acupuncture is traditional alternative medicine by inserting needle in special point in body. Because of cross-infection and other risks; studies have suggested the laser acupuncture that use low level laser (LLLT) or photobiomodulation instead of needle.  Various anti-gagging points have been identified; include Neiguan Pericardium 6 (PC6), large intestine point or He Gu point (LI4), Conception Vessel 24 (CV24) and Shenmen, Stomach and Throat points on ears and P6 point is a one of the best point to control nausea and vomiting and is located at medial of the forearm below the palm. The purpose of this study was to report controlling gag reflex during routine dental procedure whit stimulation P6 acupuncture point with low power laser

A patient who has sever gag reflex and for this reason this reason her oral hygiene level is awful, also clinical examination showed multiple caries. We controlled her gag reflex with stimulation P6 point on her wrist whit 6 J/cm2 energy density and 980 nm wavelengths. Gag reflex was successfully controlled.

Conclusion: LLLT acupuncture needs less time, low invasive and much safer than other methods. Because of point P6 location it seems this point is more suitable than other anti-gaging points. Dentist who tried LLLT acupuncture must be trained and also adequate equipment should be in their dental office.


Acupuncture, low level laser, photobiomodulation, gag reflex, dentistry

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