Preparation of Recombinant Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2 at Laboratory Scale

Mahmoud Kazemi, Ali Hassani, Mojgan Bandehpour, Bahram Kazemi



Introduction: Millions cases of bone fracture are reported annually worldwide. The conventional methods for the repair often fail. The complications of using routine methods include stimulation of bone repair which should be performed without infection risk and immunologic responses. The aim of this study was cloning and expression of bone morphogenenic protein 2 (BMP2), a key growth factor used in bone repair. Materials and Methods: mRNA was extracted from human maxillary osteosarcoma and reverse transcribed. The BMP2 gene was amplified by PCR and cloned into pETDuet vector and was expressed. Results: The BMP2 gene was expressed successfully and expression was confirmed by western blotting using anti- His tag antibody. Conclusion: Recombinant protein preparation method has been recognized to be accessible and the production is cost effective.


BMP2; Bone regeneration; Bone fracture

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