Customized Lateral Nasal Osteotomy Guide: Three-Dimensional Printer Assisted Fabrication

Seied Omid Keyhan, Alireza Navabazam, Mohammad Mahdi Nasiri, Sina Ghanean, Kazem Khiabani



Lateral osteotomy is a necessity in several rhinoplasty cases. However, it can be challenging for inexperienced surgeons to perform external osteotomy due to difficulties such as lack of control, inconsistent results and technical complications. The present article presents a simplified approach for external lateral nasal osteotomy by using a customized lateral nasal osteotomy guide fabricated with three-dimensional printer. This technique may assist novice surgeons to perform external lateral nasal osteotomy more safely and with reduced operation time and consistent outcomes.


Osteotomy; Rhinoplasty; Three-Dimensional Printing

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Figure 2. Performing the lateral nasal osteotomy in line with the surgical plan

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