Palliative Care in Iran: The Past, the Present and the Future

Leila Khanali Mojen



Futurology identifies and lists the most desirable possible future(s) out of the most likely ones, and plans for the best options according to these possibilities. Future studies in health are an instance of future studies in medical activity that have a great application in real life and present strategies that can help achieve better conditions. Palliative care for cancer is a major challenge faced by the national health system in Iran. Analyzing the trend of palliative care through exploring the current status of palliative care for cancer in the country and finding strategies to fill the gap between the current status and the desirable one is an important subject in health studies. This article addresses the trend of palliative care in Iran from the past to the present by reviewing articles, books, documents, and news in online databases, and gives an overview of the future in the context of the presenting challenges and opportunities. Although palliative care in Iran has had a slow progress, recent efforts made to promote its status appear promising. This article seeks to help improve the status of palliative care in Iran, even if only moderately, so that cancer patients can live the rest of their life in comfort.


Palliative Care; Challenges; Perspective; Cancer; Iran

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