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Cephalometry in 15-17 Years Old Boys of Kerman-Iran Students

Hojjat Allah Abbaszadeh, Reza Mastary Farahani, Ramin Pouriran, Hadi Azimi




Background: Cephalometry or head measurement are used in forensic medicine, ergonomics, orofacial surgery, dentistry, pediatrics, orthopedics, ophthalmology and plastic surgery. The practical parameters of cephalometry are head width and head length which determine cephalic index. By cephalic index the head shape   classified in four category: dolichocephal , brachycephal, mesocephal and hyperbrachycephal.

Methods and Materials: This study was done in the 118 boys of 15-17 years old in Kerman-Iran, for determining normal range of head shapes. The procedures were explained to the subjects and measurements were obtained after giving consent Measurements included head width, head length, bizygomatic breadth (face width), face length, auricular height, and head circumference.

Results: The study showed four type of head: Dolichocephalic 23 (19.5%), Mesocephalic 59 (50.0%), Brachycephalic 29 (24.6%), Hyperbrachycephalic 7  (5.9%).

Conclusion: The current study implies that a solitary survey or multiple studies conducted on a population within a limited geographical region may not be sufficient to draw a conclusion towards the general trend of secular change.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/smsj.v1i1.21913


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