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Evaluation and review of educational programs and delivery of care services for elderly people, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, UK: a practical module for developing countries

Alihossein Zeinalzadeh



Abstract: The developing world is going grey. These countries need to establish new care services according to standards of Healthcare Improvement. This report emphasizes on important management components of   older people care which can facilitate the initiating and continuing the good practice   in context of multidisciplinary team.    The principle focus of this assessment is on the team activities. Some of the important features of this team approach include the increased quality of provided services, mutual respect, empathy, increased sense of responsibility and accurate follow-ups. The aim of this report is evaluation and review of educational programs, delivery of care services for elderly patients admitted to Western General Hospital: a module for developing countries.


Geriatrics, Elderly, Care.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/sdh.v4i4.22433


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