FNA Diagnosed Skin Metastasis in a Young Man with Rectal Cancer

hamid nasrolahi, Bita Geramizadeh, Leila MoaddabShoar, Seyed Hasan Hamedi, Mohammad MohammadianPanah, Shapour Omidvari, Mansour Ansari, Niloofar Ahmadloo, Ahmad Mosalaei



Although colon cancer is one of the most common human cancers, skin metastasis in this cancer is rare. Herein we present a 33 years old man who had a rectal cancer and presented with ascitis. After receiving 6 cycles of oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy his ascitis improved. Three weeks later, he came back with skin metastasis in upper trunk, both chest wall and back, extending to anterior neck. Fine Needle Aspiration [FNA] from lesions showed malignancy. Second line [Irinotecan-based] chemotherapy started for him. Although his lesions showed partial response, unfortunately he died after 4th chemotherapy injection. Skin metastasis is rare in colorectal cancer, and it necessitates pathological confirmation.

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