Evaluation the status of sleep quality in elderly people in Kermanshah city

  • Leila Sheikhy
  • Behzad karami mattin
  • Jamileh chupani
  • Sara hookari
  • Batul fallah


Background and Aim: Sleeping is composed of two physiologic mode of slow and fast eye movement. Sleeping disorder in elderly people can cause different side effects such as falling, depression, mind disorders, irritability, tiredness, concentration problems, and so on. Current study was done with the aim of determining sleep quality among elderly people in Kermanshah. Materials and Methods: This current survey is a cross-sectional descriptive study which was performed among 100 elderly people in Kermanshah in 1392.The sample was selected according to the simple random sampling among the elderly people settling in Mehregan Sanatorium of elderly. The tools used for data collection were a questionnaire consisted of two demographic information parts and a questionnaire of Pittsburgh sleep standards, which were completed after interviewing the participants. Data was analyzed using SPSS16 software.

Results: Mean age of participants was 66.7% ±2.7% years old. Most of the participants (67%), were undereducated. Half of them were women and the other half were men. 77.6% of participants were married and the others were single, widow, or got divorce. 10.2% reported having mental disorders history. 4.1% of participants in this study had used drugs before according to the achieved information from questionnaire. 39.8% of participants had moderate and 24.5% of them had severe sleep quality problems.

Conclusion: The findings show that prevalence of improper sleep quality among elderly people is increasing which can cause serious problems. So, identifying effective factors in sleep quality in elderly people and designing proper intervention based on those factors in the direction of improving the quality of elderly people are suggested.

Key Words: Elderly people, sleep quality , Kermanshah.