Motivational needs and its relationship with motivation potential in occupational therapy profession

  • Narges Ghamari
  • Narges Shafaroodi
  • Seyed Alireza Derakhshanrad
  • Mahbobeh Ghamari
  • Esmat Ghamari


Background and Aim: Having job motivation in directing the intact motivation is necessary for the proper utilization of human resources. In order to motivate a person at work, it is essential to identify the real needs of human resources; so that if we do not discover the real needs of human resources and do not respond to them timely, it is likely to leave job. So; in this study Motivational needs and its relation to the power of potential motivation in occupational therapy profession was evaluated.

Materials and Methods: This descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted in 1390. The population included 97 people of occupational therapists participating in the 16th Congress of Iran occupational therapy. Data collection tools were John Wagner’s valid job characteristic model questionnaire and needs questionnaire which was developed by Gordon. For the last examination, Cronbach's alpha coefficient and the Content validity were used to determine its validity. Data analysis was performed using SPSS software.

Results: According to the results of two questionnaires related to the needs, participants referred their needs to safety, self-actualization, respect social needs and also need to independence to be met in their job. Whereas, occupational therapy has supplied social needs, need to self actualization, independence, respect and safety in order among occupational therapists. Among the studied variables, there was only a relationship between the variables provided for the needs in the occupational therapy profession and potential motivation (p<0.05).

Conclusion: By Considering the average potential motivation of occupational therapy profession in this study and its relevance to the needs supplied in occupational therapy profession and also the lack of correlation between individual’s needs for job and the supplied needs in occupational therapy, we can conclude that the individual’s needs of job in occupational therapy profession has not been well taken into consideration. Therefore, further investigations seem essential in relation to the effective factors on the fulfillment of the needs of occupational therapists.

Key Words: motivational needs, Motivating Potential, occupational therapy profession.