The Mediating Role of Spiritual Intelligence with Psychological well-being and life satisfaction in Mehriz Elderly people

  • Mohsen Rahim Pour
  • Eshagh Karami


Introduction and goal:Nowadays, the issue of elderly people has been considered by governments from different aspects including medical, psychological, sanitarian and nursing, with regarding the increase of elderly people; so, caring and keeping them are importance. The present study was done to study mediating role of spiritual intelligence with psychological well-being and elderly people satisfaction of Mehriz county (Yazd).

Research method: The method used in this research is descriptive correlation, and statistical population was included all elderly people of Mehriz county in which 322 people were chosen through purposive sampling. To data measurement, it was King’s spiritual intelligence, Diner et al life satisfaction, and Rif et al psychological well-being questionnaires. To data analysis and determination of relation between variables it was used statistical tests such as mean (average), standard deviation, Pearson correlation coefficient, multiple regressions analysis and path analysis.

Findings:  Findings showed that there is a significant relation between psychological well-being, spiritual intelligence and life satisfaction in 0/5 level, and psychological well-being can specify variance 39% on life satisfaction and also spiritual intelligence can specify variance 45% on psychological well-being.

Results: The results showed that whatever the elderly people’s age is more the psychological well-being and life satisfaction will be more between them, and also the personal build-meaning component  in spiritual intelligence has the most impact on psychological well-being and spiritual intelligence can be as mediator between psychological well-being and life satisfaction.

Keywords: Psychological well-being, spiritual intelligence, life satisfaction