Comparison Evaluation of Belin-Ambrosio indices and Rabinowitz criteria in refractive surgery candidates

Esmaeli Shahvir Sara, Mehdi Rokhsat Yazdi, Ali Mirzajani, Ebrahim Jafarzadehpur



Background: Meticulous preoperative screening is one of the key factors that contribute to success in refractive surgery. The purpose of this study is Evaluation of Belin-Ambrosio and Rabinowitz indices as screening method before refractive surgery to distinguish keratoconus suspect from normal patients.

Methods: In a descriptive study, Pentacam data from 30 normal eyes (N) and 19 abnormal eyes with suspect keratoconus (KCS) were analyzed. Belin-Ambrosio and Rabinowitz indices were tested. SPSS Statistical Software (version 17) was used for data analysis and Independent T test was used for statistical analysis


Results: The mean age of patients was 25.51±3.97 years and the mean of myopia was

 -2.87±3.97 and the mean of astigmatism was -1.25±1.08 diopters. All tested variables had significant differences among N and KCS (Independent T-test, p< 0.001) except I-S value (p=0.22). The BAD-D and BAD-Dp had greatest differences from Cutoff value.


Conclusion: the Belin-Ambrosio indices provide additional Information in diagnosis of suspect keratoconus. In this study the BAD-D and BAD-Dp was an enhanced approach for detecting keratoconus.


Keywords: Belin-Ambrosio indices, Rabinowitz criteria, Keratoconus, Pentacam.


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