Construction and Validation of Parenting Role Tasks Questionnaire in Persian

A Lotfi, M Rezaee, Z PashazadehAzari, F Yazdani, M Rassafiani, A AkbarzadehBaghban



Background: The role of parents in children's development is very critical. Proper recognition of this role and it's tasks by parents is helpful in all aspect of children's life. The purpose of this research was to construct and validate a questionnaire to assess parental role tasks.                

Materials and Methods: This study included two phases. In the first phase, information regarding the parental role was collected from resources such as books, articles, internet, and interview with professionals and parents. In the second phase, face validity and content validity were assessed by conducting a research with experts and scholars.

Result: In the first phase of the study, 75 items were extracted through the literature review, reduced into 34 by an interview with teachers and parents. In the determining of content validity and face validity, only one item deleted with low score. Mean content validity index was 0/93 and content validity ratio had a value of 0/80.

Conclusion: According to the results, this tool is appropriate for assessment parenting role tasks in the community.

Keywords: content validity, face validity, parenting role

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