Stress, Anxiety and Depression in Olympic Athletes

Maryam Moghadasin, Parvin Dibajnia, Javad Lal Sadeghi



Background and Aim: Little study about psychological health has been done in the sports setting. The present study was designed to assess depression, anxiety, stress, in a sample of athletes at the elite level.


Material & Methods: In this descriptive comparative study, 63 highly successful athletes who won medals in competitions such as Olympics were recruited. Sixty three elite athletes-(35 male -28 female) with mean age 23.95 (SD=7.32) were evaluated by DASS 21 test. The subjects were assigned into two groups (active and inactive athletes). There was a third control group including 70 subjects with same age and sex and education without history of sport activity. An ANOVA test was used to determine differences of outcomes between groups. The data were analyzed by SPSS 16 software.


Results: The results of ANOVA test for comparison among three groups (active and inactive‎ athletes and normal) did not show significant difference on depression, anxiety and stress variables.


Conclusion: Our results indicated that there is not any significant difference on depression, anxiety and stress between the elite athlete and general population.



Keywords: Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Athletes, olympic



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